Thijme Termaat Dutch painter

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A lot has changed for me since I released my shortfilm 'I Paint', in early 2012. I had not foreseen that it would reach so many people from all over the world. So I took the time to anticipate on the developments and mold it into a workable construction, in order to regain some structure in my daily life. This website is a great part of that, and I hope that you'll enjoy the new material that is presented to you. Also, it is now possible to download large 1500pixel images of my work, and new original pieces are up for sale. I'm still in the process of making prints of my work available, and I hope to be able to offer them worldwide in the upcoming months.

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sharing my work around the web, and for all the kind messages I've received over the last years. It has been a great help and a huge motivation to continue my work!